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Lopsided Dance

Lopsided Dance
Listen to and buy Andy McCutcheon music on CD Baby. Download or buy the CD Lopsided Dance by Andy McCutcheon on the independent record store by musicians for musicians.

Download my new single,A Little Fix,” featuring Rob Trabin on trumpet!


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Celebrate 420 Day this year with a little music-induced mind expansion!  Download my new single, Throwing Stones,”generate a little contact buzz for my upcoming album, Lopsided Dance, available digitally and on vinyl in June, 2011 on Plum Meat Music.  right here as a free mp3 on Wednesday, 4/20, and help

“McCutcheon’s gift for melodic hooks and his uncanny ability to emulate classic rock heroes (early David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Lou Reed, Ian Hunter & The Doors) adds up to a collection of original glam-edelic tunes that will be of interest to creative music supervisors and labels!”
-Music Connection Demo Review

Song Credits: written and performed by Andy McCutcheon; drums, Matt Frazier; the Canyon Tabernacle Children’s Choir, Clayton McCutcheon; mixed by Brian Lee White at RxBx-B in Oakland, CA; single cover by Shenise Villanueva; photo by Aida Babajanian.  P&C 2011 Plum Meat Music, BMI.

Andy McCutcheon

Andy McCutcheon is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter best known for his work during the 80’s as vocalist and guitarist for the D.C./Baltimore-based psychedelic garage band The Skeptics.  Andy continues to record and perform music as a solo artist, with his Los Angeles-based band, The Reversibles, and since their 2007 reunion, with The Skeptics, which are currently the subject of Keith Chester’s 2010 feature length film, The Skeptics in a World of their Own

Music from all his projects has been featured in independent film and television, including Shakespeare’s Richard III, staring the late David Carradine, President’s Day by Baltimore filmmaker Chris LaMartina, and episode 212 of Showtime’s Californication.

Compared with artists as diverse as David Bowie, The Doors, and Cake, Andy McCutcheon tantalizes the senses with an array of emotional depth, a whirlpool mixture of instrumental textures, and astute observations of the human condition molded into splashing pop melodies.  He is currently completing his fourth solo album, Lopsided Dance, due out in June 2011 on Plum Meat Music.

“Somewhere between early Bowie and Cake lies the sound of Andy McCutcheon. Melding elements of alt. rock, classic rock and folk into a pop format, he cross-pollinates a variety of genres into a unique style. McCutcheon is a charismatic performer peddling a one-of a-kind product .”
-Music Connection
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